We look after Calkins Road from East Henrietta Road to West Henrietta Road.

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A reading program at Fyle school. Sadly, it was terminated in 2015 because the school was too involved with Common Core and could no longer find time slots for our volunteer readers.

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Camp Haccamo

A summer camp for disabled children sponsored by Rotary clubs in Monroe County. Our club built a cabin at the original site, but the camp now takes place for two weeks every year at the Rotary Sunshine Campus in Rush. All clubs together are responsible for raising the funds necessary to keep the camp going.

Barletta/Duclos 2011 (Duclos)
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2011 (Duclos) 1999


We raise funds through several means including a Pasta Dinner in March and a Car Wash for Haccamo in September.

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In 2000 we built a gazebo at the Tinker Homestead. A wish list item for the Town of Henrietta, the project was originally estimated to cost upwards of $40,000. Under the guidance of Past President Eric Schmidt, the members of the club, Interact students and students from the Construction Systems Class at Sperry High all pitch in to bring this project to completion. With their help and donations from many local companies, the final out of pocket expense came to just over $3000.

We hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy it!

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Our most important annual fundraiser is the Pasta Dinner in the cafeteria of the Rush-Henrietta Senior High School.

Premier Sponsors are listed each month in our newsletter and have their logos included on the dinner placemat and in a presentation about our club shown at the dinner.

All sponsors receive a sign which is first displayed at the dinner. You can see this year's signs below, as they were on display around the cafeteria: use the shift and control keys to zoom in and out, and click, drag, or use the arrow keys to move around.


Project Christmas

Food baskets and children's toys for families in need, flowers and Wegmans gift cards for seniors.

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